prostate massager



Prostat / Gspot Massager untuk Pria / Wanita

Svakom Judy digunakan untuk solo (pria / wanita) dan juga dapat digunakan oleh pasangan  (couple).

Menstimulasi prostat dan Gspot dalam mencapai klimaks, menyentuh syaraf sensitif anda dan mendapatkan kesenangan lebih. Menampilkan ujung yang realistis, Anda dijamin akan menyentuh semua titik kesenangan yang benar.

Tips Pemeliharaan: diSarankan digunakan dengan pelumas waterbased,
Perhatikan untuk menjaga kebersihan dengan pencucian sebelum dan sesudah digunakan dengan menggunakan air hangat dan sabun antibakteri.

● Product made for for man and woman
● Ideal prostate massager
● Soft head for easy insertion
● The round and smooth design make it comfortable to use
● Fully-covered by silicone, easy to clean and use
● 25 different frequency experiences
● Pinhole charging and 100% waterproof design
● Luxurious and unique design
● Environment friendly material

specifikasi svakom judy dan julie
25 different frequency experiences
Judy has 5 different modes, and 5 intensities in every mode, so you have 5 x 5 = 25 selections to explore.

Waterproof design
Judy is designed with pinhole charging port, and it’s completely waterproof. Do it in the shower, in the bathtub or in the swimming pool, wherever you please.

Waterproof - Svakom Judy dan Julie
Whisper quiet
SVAKOM only uses the highest quality motor, delivered from the best manufacturers. This is how we know that our motors are powerful, quiet, and have a long life span. Judy’s voice is under 50 db after it’s turned on, you can barely hear anything from beyond 1 meter distance.

Tingkat kebisingan yg rendah - Svakom Judy
Judy adopted a lithium battery, and this rechargeable vibrator for women has a battery capacity of 300 mAh which can be fully-charged in only 1 hours, and provide about 3 hours of continuous pleasure.

Menggunakan Rechargeable batterai
Environment friendly material
Judy is made of environment friendly silicone. All SVAKOM products have passed the strictest tests and reached the highest standards before launching.

Bahan yg ramah lingkungan dan aman untuk kesehatan
Product made for man and woman
Judy is a product that can be used for both man and woman. For woman, it can be used for G-spot and anal stimulation. Man can use it as a prostate massager.

Fungsi Svakom Judy dan Julie
How to use?
Cara penggunaan Svakom Judy dan Julie

Additional information

Weight400 g